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Kartiņa ''Es tevi mīlu!''

Kartiņa ''Es tevi mīlu!''

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FAQ - frequently asked questions

What is the daily dose?

15-30ml/day. So you can use the 250ml bottle for a while!

What is the age limit?

Although the product is 100% natural, we recommend it from the age of 6!

How can I consume it?

Our black elderberry juice concentrate can be simply mixed with water, but it can also be added to smoothies, shakes, marinades, used as a natural sweetener and enjoyed in other ways! We recommend visiting the blog section to learn interesting ideas!

How is this juice different from just elderberry syrup?

Elderberry syrups currently on the market have added sugar. In addition, they are boiled as syrups. Our concentrated juice is boiled to 60 degrees, then dried, thereby preserving the maximum amount of vitamins and nutrients that are otherwise lost during the cooking process.

What is the consistency and taste?

The consistency is like a really thick syrup and we are especially proud of the taste! It does not have the usual harshness of elderberries!

Should this product be used as medicine or daily?

It can be used both in cases of illness to relieve symptoms and as an immunity booster in everyday life!