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vitamīnu špikeris

vitamin spiker

Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients that our bodies need in small amounts to function properly. Although they do not provide energy, they play a crucial role in various bodily functions, such as fighting infection, healing wounds, and regulating hormones.

Getting the right balance of vitamins and minerals is important for good health, and one way to ensure this is to eat a healthy and varied diet that includes all five food groups.

To help you understand the importance of vitamins and minerals and where to find them in your diet, we've created a vitamin and mineral tip sheet.

This guide is a quick and easy reference that shows the main vitamins and minerals the body needs, their functions, and the foods that are the richest in each.

You can save and print this tip! Go to: https://failiem.lv/u/vgzvevmgm2

(the file is no longer active? please send a message to elizabetebluma@microculturelab.com)

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