Who we are?

Microculture is a family-run brand that has developed natural food products and nutritional supplements in collaboration with the Innovative Institute of Biomedical Technologies.

what is microculture?

We are part of this earth, connected in a close bond with nature. When our environment is chemically and unnaturally altered, our bodies and minds feel it. What happens in the macro world also happens in the micro world - our bodies. Processed foods, emissions, powerful pharmaceuticals, climate change, pesticide-laden fields, fast-paced lifestyles, screens screaming at our faces, insufficient sleep, all affect and disrupt our internal ecosystem.

Microculture is a call to heal your inner, micro ecosystem.

We invite you to start your journey to health with small, micro efforts, including our products in your daily routine. They are high quality, natural, easy to use, tasty and pleasant.

Our emphasis is also on the cultural part - we strive to create a healthy, responsible society that can create a better, more natural, supportive and inclusive world. This can only be achieved with a healthy mind and body. Our products are a unique blend of nature, science and technology designed to help you reach your peak potential.